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Overwhelming emotions of panic, fear, and sorrow gripped me on the pivotal night of March 6, 1998.

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However, that is not all I am, I am so much more. I am a person with needs and feelings. This website is designed by me, a sibling, for you, a fellow sibling, to offer help and to show you that you are so much more than just a sibling; you are a unique individual that cannot be classified or thrown aside. To show you and all you love this and so much more.
I am constantly looking up to my brother for strength, courage, and wisdom, and althought I am four years his senior, I and many other people could learn so very much form him. This is why I am proud and can honestly say he is my hero.


Get Support
Something Siblings Need is Support
Cancer is a deadly disease having horrible effects on both the physical and emotional being of patients.
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However it has many emotional effects on the siblings of these patients, cancer is deadly but you cannot let it kill you.


Personal Stories
If you would like to share your story or how you are feeling feel free to emai me and I will post them on this site.


Talk to Teens
This page is designed to allow you to have a chance to talk to other teen siblings



Lilah's 5 ways to Thrive as a Sibling

  1. Talk and listen to other siblings or patients who have gone through the same experience.
  2. Make sure that you support your sibling and your family.
  3. Do NOT forget about yourself, your feelings, and your emotions, and express your opinions constructively. Make sure that you get your voice heard.
  4. Channel your emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, tension, or jealousy, into creative, productive acts
  5. Be an individual, remember to develop your own individual qualities. Remember that you define yourself, and you can affect how others precieve you.

I do not want this to be a website that tells you how you should feel or what you are going to need. Therefore if I have left anything out, if you have any suggestions, or any questions please contact me.

Lilah Sugarman


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